February 15, 2013 Accounting, Financial, Money, Wealth

Are you Building Wealth?

I have been working with some new clients who came to me with a question I hear a lot.

 “I have been working really hard and I am not feeling
                       like I am getting ahead, what am I doing wrong?”  

The good news is it’s not about doing anything wrong it’s about not doing some simple PROVEN STEPS that will ensure you achieve the long term results you are wanting to create in your business.   Having solid financial reports allows you to track your progress so you can adjust in real time to ensure you are achieving the long term results you are looking for.  When you KNOW you are on track it helps to keep the passion alive during the day to day activities!

Can you Answer this: For the sake of what do you do what you do?  This is a question that either makes perfect sense to you or it makes no sense to you.  When you started your business what was your dream?  Why did you start it?  For some it’s to bring a service or product to the world in a new and unique way, for some  it’s a way to control your own schedule and not have anyone else telling you what you can do when.

For everyone I want to boldly state that no matter what you are doing it is for the sake of BUILDING WEALTH.  I think we have all heard “making money is only as good as your ability to keep it”.  So how do you keep it?  The first step is to ensure you have current and accurate financial records.  It is impossible to plan where you want to go if you are not clear on where you are starting from.  The two reports that give you this information are a Profit and Loss (or an income and expense) and the Balance Sheet (which lists assets and liabilities).

When it comes to building wealth the Balance Sheet is king!  Learning how to read these statements and create a plan for wealth building is well worth investing time and energy in.  If you do not yet have these statements in place now is the perfect time to get started.

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In Abundance,


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