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An Eye Opener

An Eye Opener

I was listening to an inspirational video the other morning, it’s something I do every morning to set the tone for the day.  Yesterday was about “how is it going – really?”

The speaker, Darren Hardy, told a story about a friend of his who had a financial goal of growing his business to seven figures.  He is in Real Estate sales and he was relaying how his week was unfolding. There were the late nights stuffing mailers, afternoons spent at the printers creating flyers and time with prospective clients who, if he didn’t get to in a timely manner, were lost.  He was busy and tired and considering making a change.

Darren asked how his wife was and how their date nights were going.  He asked how his kids were and what fun vacations they were going to take. Also, how his training was going for the ½ marathon he said he was going to run in.

The way I typically pose the question is “what is the money for”.  Yes achieving the 7 figure mark will take dedication and growth as a leader and success has its own wins.  AND it’s our families and communities and life experiences that are really what the money is all about.

So for me the questions were a great eye opener.  How would you answer them?

What are some things that would need to change in order to truly be on track for creating the life you desire?

Time is the ultimate leveler for each of us.

We all get the same 24 hours in a day, and we choose how we spend it and who we spend it with.  The results we create in life develop over time with the day to day activities we choose to participate in.

If you are ready for a reality check, look at your check register for the last 60 days and it will tell you where your focus has been.

Is it getting you where you want to go?

Sometimes an outside set of eyes and a mind that is not as emotionally attached to your numbers can be really supportive in this process. 

We are here to help!

Awareness is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself.  We designed this tool, The Financial Ease Quiz with that in mind.  In less than 4 minutes you will know the best place for you to make a change to have the best ROI for your time and money.  Click here and get started now!

Then enjoy the results that come with focused activity to create the life you desire.

In Abundance,



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