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An Entrepreneurs Best Friend!

An Entrepreneurs Best Friend!

Want to know the secret to running a successful business?


I know some of you just checked out on me, but stay with me for a minute.

Systems are what will liberate you.  Burnout is the number one reason most entrepreneurs walk away from their dream.

Yes it is true that when you are first getting started, you typically are doing everything.   However, in order to grow you must learn to develop systems that can be duplicated by another.

Many business owners are afraid to let go and let someone else handle things.  I know, I get it.  What if they make a mistake.  It is my name and my reputation at stake.  I worked too long and invested too much to allow someone else to make a mess of it.  I get it!

Here is the truth.  Systems are what will allow you to gracefully hand over the reins to someone else and still let you sleep at night.

You can replicate the way you do things, the voice and care you bring to your work, the culture you like to create with your clientele.  It just takes a few steps. Honest.

Here are the steps:

1.  Write down step by step what you do

2.  Now go back through each step and write down why you do it.  What is the result you are expecting by doing what you are doing.

3.  Now go back through each step and write down what it looks like / feels like / sounds like for the end user.  In other words – what is the experience for the client, the employee, the vendor etc.

4.  Now write down what happens if this experience is not achieved.  In other words – what is the consequence of not achieving the experience in #3?

Start small.  Choose one task that you feel you could easily document the above steps.

Have someone take that task over.

You will have specific bench marks identified in step 3 to track results with.  Both you and your contractor or employee will be able to talk about what worked, what didn’t and what is next!

Know that there will always be mistakes and a learning curve to work through.  It is ok.  That is part of business.

Now that you have given up that task be VERY clear on what you are going to do with your new found time!  Be sure it is something that will propel your business forward.

Hope this was helpful!

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