November 29, 2018 Business, Entrepreneur, Gratitude, Money, Numbers, Plan, Responsibility, Systems, Taxes

An Effort to Love

This time of year, I am always reminded of gratitude and the importance of managing the tool of money in our lives is something that always comes to mind.


Because this is the time of year when it’s important to review the year as a whole, determine how to finish the year strong so you are set up to move into the new year with grace and ease, as well as to make sure you are strategically set up for maximizing your tax deductions.

I know this may sound overwhelming, especially without the mindset, support and systems to manage your finances well.
It’s the overwhelm that keeps so many people chronically disengaged from their money, making it difficult to move from chaos to empowerment.

Embracing the responsibility of creating systems to manage your money well is truly an effort of love.

Staying in current patterns of disengagement is actually easier than taking the steps needed to create the systems and get the support we need to make the tool of money work for us.

AND the only reason we will finally do it is for the love of something more important than the ease of staying where we are.

A friend of mine calls it the currency of love.

What is your currency of love?

If you were able to save $1000 on your tax bill, what would you do with it?

Your answer will tell you what your currency of love is.

Is it a romantic weekend away, paying down a bill, replacing the roof, buying new tires for better safety, saving for a rainy day or a vacation?

The clearer we can be on what the money is for and what the number is that will make it a reality, the more likely it is we will take the steps to making it a reality.

So as you step into these final months of 2018, take a moment to think about your money management systems and whether or not you are set up to win.

We all know we are going to have to file taxes, when we do so without good systems, like accounting, we are literally throwing money away.

If you are ready for this tax season to be different, I encourage you to take the actions that will keep more money in your pocket. If we can be of service let’s talk!


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