March 18, 2021 CFO Agency, Financial, Financial Literacy, Money

An Act of Valor

Sometimes on the weekends we like to kick back and watch movies.  This weekend we watched a new one on Netflix that really stirred my heart.  It’s called An Act of Valor.

This movie was a dedication to a group of people who are so committed to their work that they are willing to do whatever it takes at any moment no matter the personal sacrifice.

It seems rare we experience this kind of dedication any more.  Now we hear more and more stories about theft, especially in the online space.  Stories of so many at home bored with nothing to do and so the wreak havoc on others.  That is what they are committed to.

Where did the concept of being a contributing member to society go?

Where did pride and commitment to ones work go?

Where did the Acts of Valor go?

We live in one of the most amazing countries with freedoms and a lifestyle many countries cannot have.  Are we taking that for granted?  I fear that without more people being responsible for themselves and their neighbor we are heading down a road to a destination no one wants to go to; maybe not in my lifetime but what about my grandchildren?

What will it look like for more people to desire to contribute rather than take?

What is each of our roles in our society and the world?

In our space I see our mission as one of empowering philanthropic minded people in the area of financial management so there are more good people with money doing good in the world.

What is yours?

Would having strong financial management systems get you where you want to go faster?  If so lets talk!

In Abundance,



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