August 20, 2020 CFO Agency


Glass ½ Full , Glass ½ Empty, How do you see it?

Ideally we would all see the glass ½ full in all situations yet the truth is it varies depending on the situation and depending on how we are feeling about the situation. There are defiantly times when life seems to be an uphill battle and we get tired and frustrated and then there are times when things are going so well and so smoothly that it’s almost dreamy.

The longer I am in business the more I have the privilege of sharing the journey of ups and downs with my clients and their financial picture. These last months have challenged all of us in different ways and what I have found is that those who can bounce back quickly no matter what is thrown at them are the ones who have been able to pivot and keep moving with a level of peace and joy.

Yes there is an unfortunate level of fear I experience in different areas from different people and those who can manage their fears with sound knowledge and faith in what they are doing are able to continue to move forward with grace and ease.

A wise friend once explained it to me this way…

“When something happens in life that pushes you underwater the real battle is won or lost by how long you stay on the bottom of the pool. Either you stay too long and drown in it or you quickly rebound and swim back to the top of the water, breathing in next steps.”

I think the reason we choose to swim back to the top is because we truly do believe the glass is ½ full.

This year has had a major economic impact in a negative way for many AND the PPP and EIDL funds have funded small business in unprecedented ways. I have clients who knew exactly what to do with those monies, others who were too afraid to accept them and others who accepted it but have left it in a bank account afraid to use it.

The question I ask all of them is… what is the difference this money can make in your life, in your team’s life and in the economy?

We are here to help with planning, to help unpack the hard questions and then know the best steps to take to ensure you are on track for the goals that you have always had. Reach out to Grace today at and let’s find a time to talk.

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