It is critical for individuals and business owners to have accurate and timely numbers from which to make sound business and tax saving decisions. We believe in a partnership and work to prepare you for any major decision or revenue strategy. We partner with you, providing accurate accounting to ensure you are on track to achieve your vision and goals. We get you organized and keep you organized so you can work on your business to grow revenue and be ready to take advantage of tax saving strategies.




We offer services for individuals and corporations. Whether you are a investor looking to expand your strategies or business owner looking to organize and grow your business, we have a solution for you. We work intently with each client, gathering the information necessary to understand you and your business. We will work to improve your bottom-line performance; provide you with ideas to improve day to day efficiencies and operational excellence.


The CFO Agency believe very strongly in GIVING BACK.

Below are some of the foundations that we support and give back to:

  • Boys & Girls Club
  • Flathead Care
  • Flathead Community Foundation
  • Pachama Alliance
  • Unstoppable Foundation
  • Cambodia Dream Organization
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Sue Thompson

Sue Thompson is known as America’s Financial Management Expert. Her message evolved over 30 years working in banking and finance and as a Business Owner.  Sue is very experienced and highly trained in the skills of money management and stewardship. She is a gifted speaker and seminar leader that is both entertaining and knowledgeable. Her insights have helped people to reach and exceed their financial goals sooner than they ever thought possible.

Sue’s tips can take the scary proposition of finances and turn them into an exciting plan for your future. Imagine the peace of mind that comes with a step by step plan to achieving your goals. Plus she teaches how to do all this without stress and arguments.

Sue has helped hundreds of people manage their money, eliminate debt, and build their businesses and their lives to create less stress and more financial freedom.


Weldon (1)

Weldon Wulstein, CPA

The CFO Agency has aligned with Weldon and his team at Wulstein Financial Services & Company for all your tax needs moving forward. We work in conjunction with Weldon and his team to bring our clients a unique tax reduction methodology. The result of this unique approach of tax strategies and entity strategies is maximum and legal tax reduction. Weldon and his team apply every page of the tax code. Most tax companies only “look back” at the past year, while Weldon and his team also “look forward” with entity structure planning to help you keep more money in your pocket and ensure your setup not only serves you today, but in the future as well.

Kris Wendtland

Kris Wendtland was a business owner for 25 years in print publishing before coming to The CFO Agency. Her hobbies outside of work are reading, writing letters, hunting, and visiting friends and family.


Grace headshot

Grace Marlowe

Grace Marlowe moved to Montana a few years ago, and after taking time to really explore this beautiful area she was lucky enough to find a place with the CFO Agency.

Grace is the Business Development Manager here at the CFO Agency.

She has a daughter who is everything to her. They love being able to go on adventures and really enjoy everything this wonderful place has to offer!

Lindsay Feris


Jan Henderson

Jan Henderson

Jan Henderson is one of The CFO Agency's Accounting Officers. She has loved working with numbers since she was a child, so bookkeeping was a natural fit for her.

Jan was in accounting for several years before she opened a screen printing & embroidery shop in Florida, which she had for 15 years.

After moving to North Carolina in 2013 she decided to go back into bookkeeping part time and has been working with the CFO Agency for several years.

Jan has 5 children & 5 precious grandchildren with possibly twins on the way.

Life is good!

Thomas James

Thomas James is an Accounting Officer who has spent most of his 35 working years carrying multiple jobs at the same time. This has led to an exposure in an array of industries, at a variety of levels, and under many different structures that people have used to manage their business.

So, rather than having just one way to handle your books, he knows of many different ways to approach things and prefers to find the method best suited to your personality, objectives, and at the highest, relative efficiency.

He’s a big believer in the adages “Better to have reached for a thousand stars and not grabbed a single one than to have never reached for a star at all”, “In order to win big, you’ve got be willing to lose big”, and “Your only assured gift is today.”     So, when he’s not helping you reach for your stars, he first tries to enjoy a moment from today and, if there’s time left over, he’ll mess around with chasing a few stars of his own.



Emily Finlay

Emily Finlay grew up in the Flathead Valley with her 10 siblings and many animals. She studied accounting in college and decided she wanted to focus on taxes. Her goal is to become a CPA and aid in the tax department. Her hobbies outside of work include anything and everything outdoors. Emily started working for The CFO Agency in April of 2022 and feels lucky to be a part of this company that has a specialization in the niche that she wishes to excel in.

Corey Schmill

Corey Schmill- Accounting Officer

Corey was born and raised and New Orleans, Louisiana. He has a passion for learning, especially in the areas of accounting, law and geology. He has the goal to earn his CPA license in the next two years.

Moved to Kalispell, Montana at the start of 2021 to take the opportunity to grow and learn at The CFO Agency. Corey has a passion for all outdoor activities including hiking, camping, hunting and rock scrambling. His long term goal is to have a piece of land and start a homestead.

Received a Bachelor’s in Political Science from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette (2018).

Continued education taking Accounting courses at Nicholls State University in preparation for the CPA exam.

Corey pic