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A Week of Travel, Connection and Learning!

A week of travel, connection and learning!

I just returned from a certification program with Money and was privileged to be in a room of 80 entrepreneurs who are committed to making money a resource that is available to more rather than less entrepreneurs.

Money in my point of view is a tool for us to learn to master.  In the process of mastering the use of this tool, we learn so much about ourselves and how we approach our business and our life.  Which is why I am committed to empowering entrepreneurs who are truly ready to take on this area of their life.

We create our own systems around money; how we use it, what our rules are and what it means to us.  When we are committed to growing in the area of money, what happens is our current systems fall apart.

When our systems fall apart we naturally default back to what we know, and for the most part we do this unconsciously.  It is for this reason it is important to work with a mentor or coach who can help you to design new systems that are tailor made for you.

Money is not a one size fits all no matter what stage you are at in your business.  Yes there are some foundational skill sets to learn, however the how is just for you.

When we try and go it alone we fall prey to our own limitations in knowledge and our money blind spots.  The important thing to realize is you are not alone in this process.  If you are ready to go deep and take care of these blind spots once and for all let’s talk!

I have an assessment that can help you understand your blind spots as well as your strengths!  Make an appointment today for your complimentary assessment!

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