December 20, 2022 Change

A time to plan

The end of the year is fast approaching and the Holiday bustle is in full swing. Depending on what industry you are in, this is the perfect time of year to begin to reflect on how 2022 went. What were the
things that went well? What were the things that didn’t go as hoped? What will make 2023 a great year?

These are the foundational questions for all planning:

  • What Worked
  • What Didn’t
  • What’s Next

If you are like most entrepreneurs there is always a “what’s next”. Whether it’s changing a line item in your financials, maybe the top line or maybe the bottom line, or maybe an investment in resources with an expected return, or it’s changing processes and procedures for increased efficiencies and workflow – it won’t happen without some thought put behind it.

As you create the space to think through these things there are questions I have always found helpful:

  1. Clarify the outcome – the expected return as a result of implementing a change
  2. Identify all the players – who will be impacted and how
  3. Identify the time that will be required for every step
  4. Identify all costs associated with every step
  5. Make sure the plan pencils – in other words, the return is worth the investment
  6. Set the timelines and let everyone know their part
  7. Take immediate and massive action, checking in as you go to ensure you are staying on track

As entrepreneurs, new beginnings are always exciting AND it’s the follow-through that ensures the results. May 2023 be a great one!

Merry Christmas,



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