October 13, 2016 Accounting

A Time of Change

Making decisions is an interesting process.  There is so much that goes on for us unconsciously throughout the process.  It is only when we are serious about making changes in our life that we begin to search consciously for what is informing our decision making.

One of the most “growing” things I have learned from my mentors recently is that when you “know” that the decision is a good one for you, then you act.  Figuring out the “how to,” which is where I typically like to go, does not come into the decision making process.  Once you decide then you make your decision right and go.

The biggest stretch for me has been learning to trust myself to “know” that it is a good decision.  Going through the process of planning has played a big part in my “knowing”.  There are so many amazing resources available to all of us.  If we want to learn or grow in any area of our life it doesn’t take much searching to begin to find resources.

Learning what to say yes to and what to say no to for me has come down to two areas of clarity – what are my values and guiding principles and what is my plan now.

Are you ready for a time of change? If so, make the decision that you are going to do what it takes and then trust that the resources will be available to you when you are ready for them.

**If you would like to know what your guiding principles are around money and you are ready to create a dynamic plan, let’s talk and see if we are a good fit.  I have many options available for both of these processes.


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