February 16, 2023 CFO Agency, Change

A Pivotal Year

There is a buzz on the street that 2023 is going to be a year of significant change for the better. For those who like to predict forward momentum, they feel 2023 will be a year where exceptional results will be possible because, well… it’s time.

Are you one who likes to make things happen? One who is willing to take risks? One who lives by the motto “go big or go home”? 

If so, this may be a year when you want to plan for the best.

One thing I have learned over the years is that what you focus on expands.

So focusing on growth and development has always appealed to me.  As a lifelong learner, there are definitely times when learning comes slowly over time and with experience and there are times when learning is accelerated. These are typically times when the learning is accelerated either by enrolling in a class or by surrounding yourself with others who are committed to learning and growing.

If you are leading a team of people, by default their learning will accelerate as well. That is a win win win!

So if you could pick one thing to accelerate this year for pivotal growth what would it be? Who would you need to meet or to learn from? Who would you take on the journey with you? What would be the impact as a result?

If you have not yet made the time to create a plan for 2023 how about starting now! 

When you can put pen to paper and create a plan, the likelihood of that plan actually coming to be is significantly increased. Then, focus on it daily. If you really want to gain clarity, add some numbers to it 😊 This of course is where we like to play. If you would like some help, let us know – we would love to help you achieve a pivotal year!


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