a new economy
June 20, 2019 CFO, CFO Agency, Financial

A New Economy

A New Economy

Recently I was visiting with a friend about what makes business different now than even 5 years ago. He used the term “Evolved Economy”. As we unpacked what that meant I became very excited.

An evolved economy is one where there is a win/win/win. Every transaction increases value for all parties involved.

Typically there are 3 players – a consumer, a company and an employee (or contractor). There is shared power in the transaction such that everyone wins and a win is defined as an increase in value for all parties. In this kind of economy it’s relationship first and then a transaction only if it is truly a win/win/win.

What was so exciting for me was I finally had some language to put to the thoughts and feelings that have kept me going after things fell apart in 2008.

Since the economic crash of 2008 I have been committed to empowering people financially so that what happened in 2008 can never happen again.

I believe that during that time there was ignorance on both sides of the fence and that ignorance when coupled with greed, created a lot of catastrophe that just didn’t have to happen.

On the consumer side there are too many people who truly do not understand money management, and have never been given the tools or education to know what a win is for them.

On the service side too many people perform their work without understanding the impact of what they are doing. In other words they have no understanding of what a win for the company and the customer and themselves is.

They don’t know the questions to ask to know that the work that they are doing is truly a win / win / win.

  • What if people who were truly committed to a win / win / win – my language for this is a world that works for everyone – made a commitment to know that this is what was happening before they ever agreed to do any work?
  • What would our world begin to look like?
  • What would it take to be able to do this?

One thing I know for sure is that each of us makes a great impact every day with the actions that we take.We also impact our economy with every dollar we spend. It’s easy to lose sight of this as we are going through the motions of life every day, often doing things and spending money out of habit.

I would love to know what you think about the concept of an evolved economy. How could a win / win/ win look in your business? Please email me your thoughts or leave your comments below.

Thank you for all you do everyday to impact our world!

In Abundance,



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