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A New Decade

A New Decade!

Do you remember when “old” people would say how time just flies by the older you get?  Well every year that goes by it truly does feel that way, and here we go about to start a new decade!

Are there goals and dreams that have been on your heart to achieve for what seems like forever?

Do you want to move your business to a certain level, or maybe have a life experience in travel or with certain people or groups who are important in your life?  

What if this decade was the one where it truly came to pass?

Did you just ask yourself “Could that really be possible for me?”

Sometimes we work so hard, and get so stressed about not getting the results that we really want that we begin to truly worry that we won’t achieve the goals we have on our heart to achieve in our lifetime.  

The sorrow that comes with this is not feeling that we will truly create the impact in the world we know is ours to make.

I truly know this sense of urgency first hand, and what I discovered was we need to be surrounded with support that can truly help us to embrace 3 areas of personal leadership:  Money, Love & Power.

The way these three things are embraced, and used, is very different for men than it is for women.  

Typically, we will be in the right relationship with one or two of them but the third is elusive.  Or we just achieved a new level of success and now we are asking all new questions of each of these areas and how they are playing out in our lives as we take daily action steps.

There are truly practical ways to work with each one of these in our lives so we are able to manage all that life throws at us, and still stay on track for our goals.  

Imagine knowing how to create win-win relationships in business and in your personal life, learning how use money as the tool it was intended to be, so it serves you instead of you serving it, and understanding how to generate the power you need to truly accomplish the things on your heart to accomplish.  All of these are learned!

Over the years, I have traveled and met many amazing people. Some who are making amazing impacts on the world through the work they are doing.  I have also found some great mentors who have helped me to learn to embrace each of these areas in new and different ways.

They say as the student is ready the teacher appears and each teacher builds on what I learned with the previous ones.

For your enjoyment I am sharing a conversation a dear friend and mentor of mine Licia Berry and I had about an upcoming workshop we are hosting in January. 

Listen in for the nuggets of wisdom we discuss about Money, Love & Power.    —>>

So as we head into this festive holiday time, and your mind begins to ponder how your relationship with  Money, Love & Power could be different and how that change could impact you actually achieving your goals in this upcoming decade I encourage you to be open to new possibilities.  This decade is truly calling all of us to be our best and accomplish the goals that are ours to accomplish! I’m excited!

If learning new ways to be in relationship with Money, Love & Power is of interest to you, you can learn more about our upcoming workshop by clicking HERE.

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