March 28, 2018 Belief, Mindset

A Message From The Ages

The joys of taking time off are many.  For me it’s the change of pace married with new experiences.  What happens on many other levels are not the reasons I enjoy taking time off and yet they are what I appreciate the most.

Having just returned from a retreat in Mexico I am marveling at how refreshed my thinking is, how much more focused I am on my daily activities and how much more joyful I am in the things I am doing.  The time challenges I struggled with before, making self-care the last thing on my list seem to have disappeared.

Time management and self-care are my areas of opportunity.  For most of my clients it is money management and letting their dreams become a reality.  What if you took a break?  What if you totally unplugged and let clarity come in?  What would be different?

Money Management is really about having clarity on what you want to achieve, a reality check on where you are today and then creating a tailor made plan to close the gap.  You want to do this for both your business and your personal life.

We are about to move into the 2nd quarter of 2018, yes it is here already!  As you reflect on Q1 what are the things that worked well for you, celebrate those.  Where are your opportunities for change?  What is one step you can take now to begin to implement that change?

One of the things that became very clear for me while I was meditating at the Myan temples is we know the answers.  They are inside of each of us if we are willing to be still enough to listen and then courageous enough to take new actions rather than staying with the status quo.

It can be anything from collecting monies owed to you in a timely manner to paying yourself first consistently.  It can be going through a stack of mail to having an open and honest money conversation with a team member.

Comment below and let me know one thing you will change with respect to your money management.  I would love to support you in that.


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