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A Joyful Experience!

A Joyful Experience!

Three years ago, I went on a horse back trip into the Bob Marshall Wilderness with my daughter and some friends.  Horses have been an integral part of my daughter’s life for many years, so being able to share this experience with her was a gift.

For a variety of reasons, I had not been on a horse again, the biggest of which was I became out of shape and had gained weight, leaving me unsure of my body.

Being in business, there are seasons of great activity and then seasons where we let go of a focus.  Typically it follows a great accomplishment.  Maybe you just finished launching a new product or you have gone through a period of growth and hired a number of new team members and now they are all functioning well.

It is not uncommon to go into rest mode at this point.  Unfortunately part of what can happen in rest mode is your muscles for building become weak.  They lose their strength and tone.

Here is the good news.

With focus those muscles can very easily be restored and built upon. 

So what is motivating you to build those muscles again?  You see, it takes a goal that inspires us to once again do what it takes to build muscle.

For me, I realized I was missing out on the joy of riding with my daughter.  It wasn’t necessarily the side benefit of being in shape again and feeling confident in my body, as much as it was sharing meaningful time doing an activity with my daughter that delighted her immensely.

When clients come to me, they are typically wanting to once again move ahead in the development of their business.  The benefit they get is connecting confidently with their numbers so they can make clear decisions and know they are on track for their goals.

I am really happy to say that I enjoyed a trail ride with my daughter before she moved for college, and at one point as I was riding down the trail, I noticed how happy I was to also have the benefit of a strong body.

What is your why?  What is the joyful experience you want to have? 

Go for it now.  Don’t wait! Then let me know what the side benefit was for you!

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