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A Commitment Of Great Proportion

A Commitment of Great Proportion

When we are starting out on any new journey there is always a lot of hope, excitement  and anticipation.  This month I will be embarking on a new journey with my sweetie,  Ken 🙂  On March 28th we will be exchanging marriage vows at a beautiful mountain retreat here in Montana.   There have been lots of fun conversations planning our day.  Conversations about colors and sounds, conversations about words and people.  Conversations about costs.  There are many details that go into how we would like our day to be for us and for those who will be sharing the day with us.

It’s been fun talking through all the details, creating the numbers – how many guests, what are the needs for each guest, how much food and wine will be required.  There is joyful anticipation about how all this will come together.

Last night as we were running the numbers again, checking the lists of to-do’s I noticed how calm I am about everything.  What has allowed me to be so calm has been our planning and continued conversations.

If you have ever been married or planned a wedding for a friend or loved one I bet you know all the steps that were required for a successful and joyful event.  It is interesting that no one would ever dream of heading into a wedding day without this kind of planning and preparation.  Without these kinds of conversations and understanding of the costs and numbers involved.  And yet every day I meet entrepreneurs who get started in a business and have never taken the time to have these kind of conversations about where and how they are going to create their business.

What is it about business that lures us into thinking we can create amazing results without considering the activities, the time, the people and the numbers required to create success? 

Is it we believe that the results are guaranteed?

Is it we believe things will just work out because we are committed?

Creating a successful business is no different than planning a successful wedding.  We get to create it just the way we want it AND having a plan will guarantee that we get there.  Will things change along the way.  You bet they will.  I’ve changed my flowers 4 times already!

Plans are the place we touch base with to make sure what is actually happening is what we wanted to happen.  Where we check in to see if we want to make a change and how that change will impact us.

What if the plan for your business was as fun and joyful as creating a plan for your wedding?   Isn’t the commitment to a business similar to that of a wedding?  To me they are each a huge part of who we are and who we are becoming.  If you haven’t looked at planning for your business in this light try it out!  Let me know what comes up for you!

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