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A Boutique Life

A Boutique Life

While I was in Tucson, I had the privilege of working with Kailash Sozanni.  One of the goals for our company this year is “being seen” and one of Kailash’s many gifts is working with women entrepreneurs who are ready to show up in their authentic, true, colorful self!

As entrepreneurs  when we begin to step more fully into the vision of our company  it requires us to show up in new ways.  In order to achieve results that are different from what we have already created, it requires us to show up in new and different ways.

There are many places where we check in to see if we are truly showing up authentically:

  • Branding – Is the messaging of your company in alignment with where your company is going and the big message it is sharing?
  • Systems – Do we have the support and financial systems necessary to handle the next steps of growth with grace and ease?
  • Personally – Is who I am showing up as congruent with where I want to go?

In my time with Kailash there were many lessons, a few tears, and lots of laughter.  The bottom line of our time together was a new hair cut, some great clothes from an amazing boutique and a greater depth of understanding into who I am at my core, and how I can show up powerfully in new ways.

What are the things that you can do today to begin to show up in new ways in your company?  Ways  that reflect where you want to go?

For me,  wearing clothing from a boutique not only makes me smile every time I pass a mirror, but it also reminds me of who I am becoming as I take our company to 7 figures.  I truly believe that as we give ourselves permission to live the lifestyle we desire, and for each of us that is different, we are then able to create the business we desire.  The business through which we have the privilege of impacting our clients so they can then do their thing in greater ways in the world.

What impact is on your heart to make?  What will make your life a boutique life so you can show up in new ways?

Leave us a comment and let us know!  We appreciate you, and the world is waiting for you 🙂

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