July 9, 2012 CFO Agency
Are you where you want to be financially right now?
Since launching a new financial navigation system, Abundance Accounting has saved clients over 1.2 million dollars in interest and over 115 years of payments
Think about it …
How would your life be if you had no debt?
In today’s economy, this is the most powerful tool I’ve seen.  It puts your financial recovery process on automatic.  This magnificent financial GPS is called MA Capital Resources, and it guides you to maximize your dollars, keeping money in your pocket, instead of the bank’s.
Abundance Accounting is offering a free analysis with no obligation to see how MA Capital Resources would benefit you.  Just reply to this email or forward to your friends and family.  Be sure to include the best times and days for you.  We will need 30 minutes for the call.  I will return your email with a firm appointment time and let you know what information to have on hand for our call.
Let me ask you again …Are you where you want to be financially?
If not, then I look forward to working with you. 
In Abundance,


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